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Photovoltaics. Individually.

No matter whether for your private household or your business. PLAN-B NET ZERO PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS
designs and delivers your tailor-made photovoltaic system.

Individual photovoltaic systems from PLAN-B PV-SYSTEMS

Discover with us, the PLAN-B NET ZERO PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS, a world in which pure energy flows from the heart of the sun directly into your home or business. As a proud branch of the PLAN-B NET ZERO family, we are dedicated to the successful implementation of solar solutions that revolutionize your energy balance. Together we ensure a carbon-neutral lifestyle and make a decisive contribution to keeping climate change at bay – all with tailor-made financing options that fit into your life as seamlessly as our solar panels on your roof.

Are you faced with the bright decision to use the sun’s power for yourself? Now choose the path that best reflects your needs and begin your journey towards a more sustainable future.


Use the power of the sun and become an energy pioneer.

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Win PLAN-B NET ZERO and the sun as your partners for 100% green energy.

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Your self-sufficiency is our
common success.

Use the self-sufficiency calculator to easily calculate how independent you want to be:


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PLAN-B NET ZERO PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS is part of the PLAN-B NET ZERO group and specializes in the construction and operation of photovoltaic systems for private households and companies. Our goal is to help companies and private households reduce their emissions to zero, halt climate change and thereby create a sustainable future for everyone. Of course, we also support you with the right financing.

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As a dynamic pillar of the PLAN-B NET ZERO family, PLAN-B NET ZERO PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS is committed to the dawn of an era in which fossil fuels are history. We firmly believe that the key to combating climate change lies in the full exploitation and intelligent combination of environmentally friendly, CO2-free energy alternatives. Our goal is to take everyone on this journey with us – from large companies to private households, from single-family home owners to renters and landlords.

We see ourselves not just as a company, but as a pioneer of a movement that is driving the change to green energy. With our commitment to advanced, affordable and reliable green energy solutions, we strive to inspire broad circles and shape a future worth living.

In short, we don’t just offer energy, we offer energy as a service.

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Solar power

Photovoltaics is the most widespread solution for green electricity generation, which has become even more popular in recent years due to its many environmental benefits. Photovoltaic systems are systems that convert sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells. There are many different ways to mount photovoltaic systems. Typically they are mounted on roofs or placed in open, sunny spaces. The electricity generated can be used to power homes, businesses, cars and much more. By providing clean, renewable energy, photovoltaic systems make a significant contribution to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. In doing so, you make a significant contribution to combating climate change. In addition, photovoltaic systems reduce energy costs because they are a cost-effective and reliable source of electricity. This helps each individual not only to become more climate neutral, but also to significantly reduce their energy costs. Photovoltaic systems are easy to maintain and have a long lifespan, making them a great long-term investment.

“Protecting our planet must now be humanity’s most important task! Our planet is a patient in the intensive care unit – not just sick – the planet is in mortal danger! The effects of climate change can no longer be overlooked. Months of drought, even in Germany or Great Britain. At the same time, heavy rain and devastating floods in other regions. Plus melting glaciers and temperatures well over 45 degrees, but not in the Middle East, but in Europe. Water shortages everywhere and drought-related forest death. And forest fires on a scale never thought possible.”

Bradley Mundt, founder and head of strategy PBNZ AG